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Jim's Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Shipping Container Sales +

01. Why Buy From Jim's Containers?

At Jim's we have a great team with many years of experience in the industry. We give 100% to every customer, to ensure we understand the wants and needs with the shipping container you're after. Another reason, we do quality checks. Every shipping container that arrives in our depot is checked over to make sure the steel unit is up to scratch and corresponding of it's said condition.

02. Do You Buy/Buy Back Shipping Containers?

Yes, we do. We buy shipping containers all the time. Whether you bought the container off us initially or are just looking to on sell the container you already have.
If you are looking at selling a shipping container, contact Jim's Shipping Containers on 1300 JIMS 01 and let one of our team know.

03. What Payment Options Are There?

If you are looking at hiring or buying a shipping container, we will send you an tax invoice to your email. The invoice will have payment details on the bottom.

These payments include;
- Bank Transfer
- Cash Deposit
- Credit Card ( 1.5% Surcharge )

04. Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Unfortunately we don't offer payment plans (yet) and do require the full payment before delivery/pick up. However, we do have the option of paying your shipping container off over a certain period of time, which will of been discussed with your sales rep. However, the container will still need to be paid off in full prior to delivery.

05. Can I Inspect The Container Before I Buy?

Jim's have multiple shipping container depots which you are more than welcome to come and inspect before you buy. Call our team today to organise a time and date available. Some of our container yards are too small or dangerous to allow customers in for viewing purposes.

06. Can You Provide Photos Of My Container?

Yes, we can supply photos of your allocated shipping container. We do this to make sure you are happy with the condition you are being provided with.
Please note, full payment needs to be made to allocate a shipping container.

07. What Size Shipping Containers Do You Offer?

At Jim's we have all standard sized shipping containers including; 10ft, 20ft and 40ft units.

08. What if I need A Non-Standard Size Container?

Our shipping container workshop has the ability to cut down standard sized shipping containers. But please note that we can't make shipping containers bigger. 40ft shipping containers will be the biggest size we have. Wait times will apply for cutting down the containers.

Get in touch with our team today for more information! 1300 JIMS 01

09. What If You Don't Have A Container In Stock?

Sometimes, we can sell out of a certain type/size shipping container. Chances are that specific unit will already be on order and you will be updated with an ETA.

10. Can I Choose The Colour Of My Container?

For shipping containers that are not refurbished and repainted you are able to put in a colour request. We will try our best to accommodate preferred colours but if you are trying to replicate a colour we will need a colour code.

11. Will My Container Have Stickers On It?

The 2nd hand shipping container market is supplied from the shipping line companies and will have logo's on the side of the container unit.

12. Can I Pick Up My Shipping Container?

We have container yards across QLD which allow us to offer a quick delivery service. You are able to pick up the container if you have the correct truck and equipment, but some yards will have a loading fees.

Questions About Shipping Container Hires +

01. Why Hire From Jim's Hire Fleet?

Jim’s Hire Fleet is one of the best in the business. We offer competitive hire rates, flexible billing and a quick delivery service. Sometimes we are even able to deliver the same day of your enquiry.

02. How Do I Pay For My Rented Container?

Paying for a hire container will be broken down into 2 parts.

1, Upfront Costs – The upfront cost will need to be paid before the delivery is organised. This includes both the delivery charge and the collection charge. Including the transportation charges, the first 4 weeks hire will need to be paid in the upfront cost.

2, Weekly/Monthly Hire Fee – The hire fee will be invoiced monthly or weekly. The fee will need to be paid prior to the end of that period ending.

For example; If you are paying monthly, you will need to pay for June’s hire fee, prior to June 30th.

03. What Shipping Containers Do You Hire Out?

Jim’s Hire Fleet consists of 20ft and 40ft shipping container sizes (for 10ft container hires, please speak to one of our team). We also have both new and used condition containers, as used containers will have a cheaper hire fee. For those looking to save costs where they can! We hire out all standard shipping container types and if you are looking at hiring a specialty or modified shipping container, you will need to speak with our team.

04. What Happens When I'm Finished With My Hire?

After you’re finished with your hire period, all you’d need to do is call up our team (1800 258 285), explain that you are finished with your hire and when you wish for us to come collect the container. We will send out our next driver, at no extra charge, as you’ve already paid for the collection in the upfront cost.

05. How Long Does Delivery For My HIre Container Take?

Delivery will be booked in as soon as the upfront charge is paid for. Depending on where the hire container was getting delivered, would depend on the take it would take.

An average delivery time would be between 4-8 business days.

06. Is There A Minimum Hire Period?

Technically there is no minimum hire period. But, the upfront cost will still include the a 4 week hire fee.

07. What Area Do You Hire Out Containers?

Jim’s Shipping Containers has multiple container yards located around QLD and Northern NSW. We will hire out from North Cairns down to South Ballina.

The only exception would be Townsville, we do not hire out containers in Townsville.

08. Should I Hire Or Buy A Shipping Container?

Obviously budget will be the main factor but generally buying a shipping container is better than hiring a shipping container. Shipping Containers are always in demand. Even if you only need the container for 6 months, you can sell that container after use and make majority, if not more, than your initial purchase.

At Jim’s Shipping Containers, we buy back units all the time. If you have a container you’d like to sell, get in touch with our team today!

09. Do You Offer Onsite Storage?

Unfortunately we only have container depots and don’t allow for any onsite storage. We look to opening up storage yards in the future.

10. What Size Shipping Container Should I Hire?

Taking a look at both 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. The 20ft unit would be close to the equivalent of a 1-2 bedroom apartment. Whereas the 40ft unit would be able to fit the contents of (roughly) a 2-3 bedroom apartment.

Questions About Shipping Container Delivery +

01. Do You Offer A Delivery Service?

Jim’s have an extensive network of local delivery drivers, which we use for transport. We have a good business relationship and always get the lowest (mates) rates.

However, you are more than welcome to either pick the container up yourself or to organise your own transport.

02. How Long Does It Take To Delivery A Container?

Delivery does depend on the type of shipping container getting delivered, as well as the distance you are from our closest depot. Generally we can delivery the container within 4-8 business days. Same day delivery is an option if possible, you will just need to speak with your sales rep.

03. Do You Deliver Nationally & Internationally?

We can deliver interstate and we do so using the Australian Rail. Because of this, you might be limited in choosing a container as some are not rail certified, and the rail won’t take them.

We do not however, delivery internationally. If you are looking at relocating overseas, it would be best to get in touch with a freight forwarder.

04. Will I Need Approval For My Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are considered a temporary structure which may need a building permit but It is best to check with your own local council, as many can differ.

05. How Long Does Delivery For My HIre Container Take?

We use 3rd party carriers and have a large network of drivers who we do business with regularly.

This includes;
– Various Sized Tilt Tray Trucks
– Side Loading Trucks
– Crane Trucks / Hiab Trucks
– Tilt Tray & Trailer

Please note, some areas and container depots may be restricted to the modes of transport available.

06. How Do I Know Which Delivery Option I'll Need?

Our awesome logistics team will contact you after payment and allocation of your container. They will ask questions about access, space and if there are any overhead obstacles.

Questions About Shipping Container Modifications +

01. Do You Offer Shipping Container Modifications?

We do! At Jim’s we have a highly skilled and experienced team of professional tradesmen to carry out all modifications. Whether you’re after just a PA door for side access or looking at a full blown container home. Either way our modifications team can help.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more!

02. Do You Modify Containers Off Site?

No, unfortunately we don’t. We have 2 container workshops in Brisbane which we carry out all modifications from. If you already have a shipping container and are wanting it modified, it would be best to call a mobile boilermaker.

03. How Long Do Modifications Take?

A few factors depend on the time a custom shipping container will take to finish.

These factors include;
– The size of the mod job
– The Rain (literally)
– The amount of pre-ordered mod job

04. Do You Use Professional & Qualified Tradesmen?

Yes, we do. We have a team consisting of painters, boilermakers, plumber and electrician who carry out majority of the work. So you can rest assured that all electrical/plumbing/hot work is done by a qualified tradesmen.

Questions About Shipping Containers +

01. What Is A Shipping Container?

Shipping Containers have many names; Intermodal Container, Cargo Containers, ISO Containers, Sea Van, Conex Box, Steel Box. However, they all have one main purpose, which is to easily and efficiently transport goods/cargo via multiple modes of transport.

Now you might think a shipping container is carted via ships, which I’d say you are correct. That was the thought for there initially use, transporting goods from truck to ship without the need to unload and reload.

Nowadays shipping containers can be used for pretty much anything. There are container homes, pools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and even survival bunkers. Thanks to it’s durable steel frame, strong rust resistant material and cheap(ish) price, people are finding new and improved ways to take advantage of this versatile box.

02. What Is A Shipping Container Made Of?

Today you can probably find many shipping containers made with various materials but the most common material used for shipping containers is Cor-Ten Steel.

Cor-Ten is a weathering steel, made up from a group of steel alloys.

The steel forms a protective and rust resistant layer on top of the surface when exposed to the weather for a certain period of time. However, with surface treatments today, the weathering process can be sped up to as little as a couple hours.

03. How Heavy Is A Shipping Container?

Shipping Containers are heavy, and they do vary in weight from container to container.

Your standard sized containers are as follows;
– 10ft General Purpose Containers weigh: 1,350kg
– 20ft General Purpose Containers weigh: 2,250kg
– 40ft General Purpose Containers weigh: 3,650kg

You can find all container weights through there corresponding page, which you can find under the shipping containers tab in the menu.

04. What Are The Dimensions Of A Shipping Container?

With various shipping containers in multiple sizes, there isn’t a one size fits all.

Your standard sized containers are as follows (External Dimensions);
– 10ft General Purpose Containers: 3.05m x 2.45m x 2.60m (LxWxH)
– 20ft General Purpose Containers: 6.05m x 2.45m x 2.60m (LxWxH)
– 40ft General Purpose Containers: 12.20m x 2.45m x 2.60m (LxWxH)

Your standard sized containers are as follows (Internal Dimensions);
– 10ft General Purpose Containers: 2.90m x 2.35m x 2.40m (LxWxH)
– 20ft General Purpose Containers: 5.90m x 2.35m x 2.40m (LxWxH)
– 40ft General Purpose Containers: 12.05m x 2.35m x 2.40m (LxWxH)

You can find all container dimensions, sizes and other info through the shipping containers tab in the menu.

05. How Long Does A Shipping Container Stay Watertight For?

It’s hard to say as all containers live different lives and encounter different environments. Under the right conditions cor-ten steel (the material used to make shipping containers) can last up to decades.

Unfortunately for most containers they will end up travelling by ship around the world, which isn’t the right condition. A lot of numbers get thrown around but a good estimate would be between 20-30 years.

06. How Old Are 2nd Hand Shipping Containers?

Used shipping containers are generally around 15-20 years old. They are used by the shipping lines prior, transporting goods and cargo across the world by ships. This is generally why there is no shipping container between the new build condition and used 15-20 year old containers.

07. Do You Have To Maintain A Shipping Container?

Yes and no. Shipping Containers are big enough and strong enough (and ugly enough) to sit and not need much attention. However, if you do wish to take certain steps, you can prolong the life of your shipping container.

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