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We've put this page together to help provide all of the information you need about all shipping containers that Jim's offers. Scoll down further to find dimensions & specifications.

10 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale

10 Foot Shipping Containers are becoming more and more popular within the community. These containers are great for creating extra space at home or work without taking up too much space on the ground. The Jim's 10 foot shipping containers for sale are available in new build, or refurbished conditions. As for the refurbished condition, you will have a choice of colour, and whether you would prefer standard container doors, or roller doors.

Without a doubt, these containers look great and offer great security.

20 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale

The 20 foot shipping container is the most commonly used size of shipping container in. There are currently millions of these containers travelling around the world, transporting goods from country to country.

In recent times, we have seen a huge spike in demand for these containers within to consumers. They are great for extra safe and secure space at home or work, as well as being ideal for modifications and conversions.

The high cube version of these containers are also perfect for building small shipping container homes. Get in touch today to find out more.

40 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale

40 Foot Shipping Containers are excellent if you are in need of some serious storage space. These huge containers are widely used for international shipping, but more recently have been exploding into the shipping container homes market.

Jim's has a huge range of 40ft shipping containers for sale, including used, new, refurbished, specialty and custom. Get in touch with the team today to find out more.

Modified Shipping Containers For Sale

The team at Jim's has been modifying shipping containers since the beginning. Our knowledge and experience is second to none when it comes to shipping container modifications and conversions. We have a huge range of small modifications to choose from, as well as large scale shipping container conversions such as container homes and offices.

Get in touch with the Jim's team today find out about our modified shipping containers for sale.

Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers For Sale

Not only is Jim's a major player in the new & used shipping container market, we are also a leader with specialty shipping containers such as dangerous goods containers.

Jim's has a range of dangerous goods shipping containers for sale including 10ft, 20ft, and custom sizes. We can also modify any shipping container to suit any specialty storage class. Call the team to find out more.

Side Opening Shipping Containers For Sale

Jim's has a wide range of side opening shipping containers for sale. Our range consists of 20 foot, 20 foot high cube, and 40 foot side opening shipping containers.

These containers also have a few different variations in terms of being full side opening or just part of the side. We can also modify any shipping container to include side opening doors to suit any need.

Shipping Container Dimensions:

Shipping Container TypeExteriorInteriorDoor Opening
10 Foot Shipping Container Dimensions3.04m2.43m2.59m2.80m2.35m2.38m2.33m2.27m
20 Foot Shipping Container Dimensions6.09m2.43m2.59m5.89m2.35m2.38m2.33m2.27m
20 Foot High Cube Shipping Container Dimensions6.09m2.43m2.89m5.89m2.35m2.69m2.33m2.57m
40 Foot Shipping Container Dimensions12.19m2.43m2.59m12.03m2.35m2.38m2.33m2.27m
40 Foot High Cube Shipping Container Dimensions12.19m2.43m2.89m12.03m2.35m2.69m2.33m2.57m
20 Foot Refrigerated Shipping Container Dimensions6.09m2.43m2.59m5.45m2.29m2.26m2.29m2.22m
40 Foot Refrigerated Shipping Container Dimensions12.19m2.43m2.59m11.55m2.29m2.26m2.29m2.22m
40 Foot High Cube Refrigerated Shipping Container Dimensions12.19m2.43m2.89m11.55m2.29m2.52m2.29m2.52m

Shipping Container Weights & Capacities:

Shipping Container TypeCubic CapacityTare WeightMax GrossMax Payload
10 Foot Shipping Container Specifications15.857m31,300kgs10,000kgs8,700kgs
20 Foot Shipping Container Specifications33.150m32,200kgs30,000kgs27,800kgs
40 Foot Shipping Container Specifications67.700m33,700kgs30,000kgs26,300kgs
40 Foot High Cube Shipping Container Specifications76.300m34,000kgs30,000kgs26,000kgs
20 Foot Refrigerated Shipping Container Specifications29.900m32,950kgs24,000kgs21,050kgs
40 Foot Refrigerated Shipping Container Specifications60.000m34,500kgs30,000kgs25,500kgs
40 Foot High Cube Refrigerated Shipping Container Specifications67.800m34,500kgs30,000kgs25,500kgs

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